Awards and Honours

Continuous improvement of its processes.

Digiware works for the continuous improvement of its processes, offer value and portfolio, which has meant the increasing recognition by the market and those institutions that are leaders in the industry and are an important letter:

Cisco Partner Summit 2016 - Full Speed, excellence awards Security Architecture of information Digiware as the best partner of the year in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Trend Micro
Certified as "Gold Partner - Digiware" by iderar standards of excellence in security solutions of information, experience, quality of service and innovation for Latin America.
Digiware announces its link to the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the leading organization in the world dedicated to defining and ensuring a safe environment in Cloud Computing.
Frost & Sullivan
Winner "Best Practices Awards 2016" by Frost & Sullivan - Andean Region Managed Security Service Providers Market Leadership Award. For outstanding achievements and best practices in product, processes and executives who demonstrate to have a world class performance.
Thanks to his leadership in protecting Database, Application Firewall and security on servers, is recognized as the best Partner 2015 Latin America.
Check Point
For its fulfillment in security solutions, IT security, protection expertise, quality of service, innovation and growth in Check Point solutions Latinoamerica, "Stars program" gives the level Digiware SA 4stars. Specializing in Support, sandblast and Training in America and the Caribbean.
Partner confirmed as 2015 to Digiware SA, in its commitment to continue to lead the standards of excellence in managing information security for Latin America.
Frost & Sullivan
Winner of Frost & Sullivan Award "2014 Frost & Sullivan Customer Service Leadership Andean Region Award in the Managed Security Services Industry". A excellence and leadership in customer service for managed security industry in Latin America IT services.
OEA y Presidencia
de Colombia
Digiware in Latin America is recognized as an asset on cybersecurity countries. Member of the Technical Mission to the OAS cooperation for the recommendations of cyber security and defense.
OHSAS 18001
Digiware of Colombia, committed to preventing workplace injuries and illnesses, control of health risks and continuous improvement, based on the identification of hazards to people, by involving employees, visitors, contractors and others concerned parties.
Grupo Bancolombia
Digiware has been listed by the Bancolombia Group as one of its strategic partners in information security.
Score 95% by COFACE as an ideal supplier to establish long-term business relationships.
Externado University
of Colombia
Recognition for participation in the program "First steps in corporate social responsibility."
Ministry of Defense
of Colombia
Award made to Digiware for the support and assistance on cyber security and defense strategies of Colombia. Made by Alejandro Navas Ramos, General Commander of the Armed Forces.
Inspiring a Safe and
Secure Cyber World
Recognition of the best project in Latin America and second best of the Americas in information security, given by: ICS2.
Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
Digiware is internationally recognized as a leader in developing security strategies and is a member of the International Confederation FIRST.
Frost & Sullivan
Winner of the Andean Region Growth Leadership Award in the Managed Security Services Market Frost & Sullivan 2011 award validates high quality standards of knowledge and experience Digiware.
The ISO 27001 certification ensures proper management of information security DIGISOC.
Digiware receives ISO 9001 certification by promoting adequate quality management for continuous improvement of products and services with a view to customer satisfaction.