Corporate profile

Digiware is the expert provider of comprehensive strategies generation in information security in Latin America.

With over 20 years of experience protecting organizations against the security challenges involved risks of technological growth; aware of the enormous challenge facing the areas of information security today, the supports in the definition, implementation and maintenance of strategic programs of information security, which are integrated with the business strategy.


Therefore Digiware shows security as a strategy to return on investment, because it takes into account the real needs of the companies, their critical processes and goes beyond providing technological infrastructure, becoming its ally in the protection of one of its assets most important, information.

Nuestra empresa


Being the leader in Latin America in providing specialized information security, ensuring the return on investment for our customers.



Support organizations in protecting their information assets based on specialized services in information security. Supported by a solid foundation of knowledge, quality and experience.


Quality politics

Being a company that provides services and solutions for information security, committed to meeting the needs of its customers through standardized processes, controlled and framed within a Management System Quality continuous improvement and support a specialized human resources.