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Cybersecurity is what we are 

We protect what is worth

Technologies and cyberattacks are changing every day. Our compromise is to develop products that detect and respond in the shortest time to protect your assets.

BRAINIAC's machine learning techniques initiate security threat investigation processes and allow organizations to detect and adapt to growing attacks. It uses artificial intelligence to create a mechanism for analyzing attack behavior. 

It enables threat intelligence, observable analysis, automatic incident containment, advanced security event notification, and custom-designed event processing workflows.

With a real-time cybersecurity analytics service, across BI platforms, data and security insights, allow better informed and more detailed security decision making for deeper knowledge about threats.

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How to respond in

the shortest time

We help your company to use technological solutions to respond fast to advanced threats to accomplish your security objectives.

Customer Success Story


High return on security investment, exceeded client expectations, and enabled this Retail to implement a comprehensive security service that helps monitor, detect, and contain threats

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