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Intelligent and Robust Cyber Security Solutions

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

As digitalization continues transforming society more profoundly than ever, the need to prevent IT from cyber attacks has become a ubiquitous concern across industries. Highlighting the same, John Galindo, CEO, of Digiware delineates that as more and more devices are getting connected to the digital ecosystem, reinvigorating the security nomenclature has become a crucial part of the digitalization strategy of companies. “Every year, cyber-attacks are increasing multifold, owing to the increasing capabilities of hackers to breach the security network and inability of companies to detect and deter the threats in real-time,” he adds. To put this case into perspective, he further quips that once hackers penetrate into a network, they start mapping all the system applications and attack the ones where there are loopholes for fraudulent activities. “During digital transformation, we provide comprehensive visibility of threat windows to our clients and help them to attenuate the same with our portfolio of digital security solutions,” states Galindo. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, Digiware’s robust security solutions enable its clients to validate functions and replace obsolete systems that are prone to attacks.

We monitor the existing infrastructure of a company to predict the potential threat windows and accordingly prepare solutions to mitigate it ”extols Galindo. Through honeynet, the firm invites intentional vulnerabilities in order to comprehend attacker’s activities and subsequently uses that information to supplement network security and trap the hackers involved in cybercrime. After examining the hacker’s progress, the firm informs about it to its clients through a voice call or notifies them through an alert in mobile phones. Additionally, the firm also enables its clients to navigate the source of an attack and helps them to build a robust security network to protect the critical assets that are subjected to attacks.

The firm has a Digiware Security Operation Center (DigiSOC) that operates from multiple locations, such as, Bogota, Medellin, Lima, and Miami and enables organizations to predict, detect, analyze, respond and recover from a digital security incident. Based on the concept of an Intelligent Driven Security Operation Center (idSOC) methodology, DigiSOC embeds the best technology and practices to help its clients in mitigating the advanced threats.

Further, to inform clients about the impact of threats in real-time, DigiSOC designed an advanced response alert and notification system—SANDRA. Powered by AI, SANDRA identifies and alerts the irregular behaviors and unforeseen security events to organizations through voice calls or text messages. Brainiac, the other proprietary system developed by DigiSOC has the acumen to predict any attacks through leveraging data intelligence and analyzing the behavior changes of an organization.

“We examine the infrastructure of a company to predict the potential threat windows and accordingly prepare solutions to trap the hackers”

The firm also boasts of a certified team of consultants poised to effectively advise its clients to build stringent security controls while adopting cloud and navigating digital routes. The competent team transfers their knowledge and experience of risk management plans and their respective compliance assessment to its clients. The firm has also established partnerships with Microsoft to help companies using tools like Office 365 in the cloud. “Our cloud security alliance helps our clients to build robust security infrastructure in the cloud,” states Galindo. He further mentions leveraging cloud can be risky for companies, but Digiware is committed to delivering stringent security controls for Office 365, cloud, and infrastructure data. Additionally, the firm offers a module decision network portal which organizations can use to create reports.

Headquartered in Weston, Florida, the firm currently has its footprints in nine other countries. With over 200 personnel who are adept in developing digital security solutions, Digiware aims to continue invigorating the cybersecurity sphere with its portfolio of market-proven products.  

Author: CIOReview

Authorized by: CIOReview, Technology Magazine.

Translation to Spanish: Digiware - Your digital security strategic partner

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