Corporate Social Responsability

Committed to sustainable development of the countries where it operates.

Digiware in its commitment to sustainable development in the countries where it operates, and aware of the importance of implementing plans Corporate Social Responsibility CSR is linked to these initiatives by generating strategies to the ethical relationship with all stakeholders who are part of operation: customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and society in general; under the parameter preservation of environmental and cultural resources, achieving a balance between economic driver and benefits to society.


Campaña - Dame una mano

Con su ayuda podemos lograr el objetivo del 2018, apoyando y aportando para la producción de las 50 prótesis de manos en FABRILAB, quienes ofrecen soluciones integrales en salud, por medio de la impresión 3D con un bajo costo, funcionalidad y diseño.


For more information on how to donate FABRILAB and development of prostheses, click the button below::


Code of ethics

Our Code of Ethics Digiware part of our commitment to our corporate values, emphasizing integrity and defines who we are as a company and how we relate to our stakeholders.

ethical line

Ethics Line is a mechanism for both our employees and people with whom we interact report inappropriate behavior.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

In Digiware we are aware that support for sustainability initiatives, can improve competitiveness as companies and as individuals, under responsible behavior, addressing the needs of society, minimizing its impact, promoting the balance and harmony of the environment.

Our Policy on Safety and Health at Work

Committed to preventing injuries and illnesses, based on hazard identification, by involving employees, visitors, contractors; always working for the quality of working life and compliance with legal and other requirements, the organization aolicables.

Education Volunteering 2017

"Safer Internet" Children Virgilio Barco Library in partnership with the Network of Public Libraries of Bogotá in a day, about the risks on the web.

Refri halloween 2017

Jezreel Foundation, Cultural and Sports Foundation of Amparo neighborhood Kennedy locality of Bogotá, Colombia; by flatter a day of love and joy.

Refri halloween 2016

Give away a day of love and joy with a delicious fridge-halloween children who most need the "Foundation Children of the Andes".

Red Footprint 2016

Mark International Day Mutt with donations of food and medicine.

School Kit 2016

Supports and donation from Digiware and DigiSOC with the delivery of school children from the House "New Amecer" material.