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Cloud Security Alliance Standar Authorized Partner
Certified Consultants in Cloud Security Knowledge - CCSK

With the mission of improving cloud computing security practices, Digiware as a solution provider is an official member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the leading organization in the world dedicated to defining and guaranteeing a safe environment in Cloud Computing.

Companies constantly seek to exchange confidential information between their clients and business partners through the cloud, inspired by a great challenge due to the threats used by cybercriminals, for this reason, it is important to be a member of the CSA who open various paths of implementation of security strategies and policies that will mitigate this type of risks in Cloud computing.


Finally, for the Digiware company, the problem of cloud security revolves around globalization, when technology, interconnection and access transcend information boundaries of organizations, generating the increased risks in information security, reflected in Theft of sensitive data, extortion,  impersonation, loss of money, among others.